Welcome to Talkingdoc.com!

welcomeToday’s world is stressful, demanding, and very fast-paced. We are in constant overload from the information highway and social media. It doesn’t matter how “normal” you are, everyone of us, at one time or another, experiences some type of situation that appears to be beyond our ability to cope.

The Talkingdoc website is designed to help you cope with the “roadblocks” in your life and provide new means of coping. We cannot expect to be able to avoid all the “roadblocks.”  We can expect to be able to deal with the roadblock, go under over or around it, and continue on with our day-to-day lives.

Dr. Gruen designed the Talkingdoc website as a tool to help you cope and move forward. Frequently, when we get “stuck” it is because we do not have enough information about the issue. Talkingdoc is filled with information for children, adolescents, adults, couples, families to present quick, user-friendly information.

When you have gathered sufficient information regarding the situation which is stressing you, Talkingdoc also provides specific, step-by-step instructions to develop new coping tools. You will be surprised to find how quickly and efficiently you can manage (deal with) problems when you have specific information and clearly defined steps to follow. Dr. Gruen’s goal is for you to be able to make your life work for you.

Day-to-day living can be divided into four or five areas:

  • Family life
  • Work life
  • Recreational life
  • Spiritual life – if you choose to have one.

If you can answer the question “Is my life working for me?” in each of these areas with a “yes”, you will know that you are managing your life effectively and efficiently.  If the answer to that question is “no”, then you know you need more information and new coping tools.